The Dharma Initiative is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. This band out of Hampton Roads, Va is fronted by husband and wife duo Megan Sloggie and Zach Moats and amplified by the powerful lead guitar of Mikey Famiglietti and the rock solid drumming of Jeremy Nardozzi. The Dharma Initiative exercises their ability to deftly maneuver through genres and styles while delivering soulful and emotion-laden music. Lose yourself in the deep grooves, soaring melodies, and poignant lyrics. Crystalline vocals, rich harmonies, deep grooves and pulsing beats keep you moving from start to finish.
Unlike most groove-based acts, The Dharma Initiative does not employ loops, pre-recorded tracks, or samples. Instead they hand-craft their intricate sound in real time creating intricate layers that play off each other with new energy in every performance. The quartet creates full tapestries of sound with Megan and Zach’s unique keyboard leads, synth bass, melodica, and pitch-perfect harmonies. Mikey Famiglietti (formerly of Hampton Roads band Professor Marvel) brings powerful guitar skills to the forefront that shred the soundscape and elevate the energy while Jeremy Nardozzi’s intricate drumming unites the sound and carries it to exciting new avenues.
For all of those looking for music that will move their body AND spirit- The Dharma Initiative has answered the call.



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